Tilt! distro 80/90s


Here’s some of the reading-material I used to distribute suring the 80s & 90s…

If you ask me nicely, I might still be able to scan you some of the things or give you directions where to find it…

Tilt! distro 1997 (---)

Books & Pampflets

21ST CENTURY CLASS WAR (a basic outline of C.W.’s revolutionary activity and organisation)

25 YEARS ON THE MOVE (the history of MOVE, an important contemporary revolutionary group)

(THE) 43 GROUP (Morris Beckman) (story of the fight of Jewish ex-servicemen against post-WWII fascism in Britain)

A.B.C. OF ANARCHISM (Alexander Berkman) (“…people think political authority and legal compulsion are necessary…”)

(THE) ABOLITION OF WORK (Bob Black) (“…stop working doesn’t mean stop doing things…”)

ACT FOR YOURSELVES (Peter Kropotkin) (the theoretical principles of anarchist communism applied)

AIDS CONSPIRACY THEORIES – Tracking the Real Genocide (David Gilbert) (exposing the racist, homophobic foundations)

AMERICAN PRISONS (brochure by the Anarchist Black Cross – Gent)

ANARCHIEF: PETER KROPOTKIN (leven en werk van één der grondleggers van het anarchistisch communisme)

ANARCHIEF: MICHAEL BAKOENIN (leven en werk van de grondlegger van het kollektivistisch anarchisme )

ANARCHIEF: GUSTAV LANDAUER (over de bevrijding van de arbeidersklasse)

ANARCHIEF: JOHANN MOST (anarchist die oorlog voerde tegen het persoonlijk eigendom, de staat en de kerk)

ANARCHIEF: PIERRE-JOSEPH PROUDHON (revolutionair denker over gezag en vrijheid)


ANARCHISM AND ANARCHO-SYNDICALISM (Rudolf Rocker) (an introduction…)

ANARCHISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL SURVIVAL (Graham Purchase) (on the relation of libertarian thought to ecology)

ANARCHISM AND THE E.Z.L.N. (Who was Zapatista? The Politics of the E.Z.L.N. An Interview with Sub.Com. Marcos)

ANARCHISM AND THE NATIONAL LIBERATION STRUGGLE (on the differences of culture, nation and state)

ANARCHISM AND VIOLENCE (Errico Malatesta) (“…the state is not pacifist, capitalism is not a peaceful system.”)

ANARCHISM: What It Really Stands For & A New Declaration of Independence (Emma Goldman) (2 essays)

ANARCHIST ECONOMICS – An alternative for a World in Crisis (Abraham Guillen) (1936-39 Spanish Collectives as an example)

ANARCHIST FARM (Jane Doe) (fable in the tradition of Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’)

ANARCHO-SYNDICALISM (Rudolf Rocker) (an introduction…)

ANARCHY IN ACTION (Colin Ward) (… about the ways in which people organize themselves in any society…)

ANARCHY IN THE UK – The Angry Brigade (Tom Vague) (…a movement that challenged reaction and state power…)

(THE) ANGRY BRIGADE 1967-1984: Documents and Chronology (armed struggle movement in Britain)

ANIMAL INGREDIENTS: A TO Z (guide to the content of food ingredients and vegan nutritients)

ANIMAL LIBERATION – Devastate to Liberate? (ideology and practice of animal liberation)

ANIMAL LIBERATION & SOCIAL REVOLUTION – A Vegan Perspective on Anarchism or… (Zoidberg; ABC-benefit)

ANIMAL RIGHTS – A Beginner’s Guide to… (ideas…info…suggestions…boycotts…campaigns…)


(AN) APPEAL TO THE HOMELESS – Self Sufficiency Through Shoplifting (…on the ideas of anarcho-theft…)

ART LIBERATION FRONT: ‘PAINT THIS’ Newsletter (controversial art & opinions from the editor of ‘SMUT’)

(THE) ART & SCIENCE OF BILBOARD IMPROVEMENT (…improving outdoor advertising…)

AS SOON AS YOU’RE BORN THEY MAKE YOU FEEL SMALL – Self Determination for Children (Wendy Ayotte)

ASSAULT ON CULTURE (Stuart Home) (critical history of radical avant-garde art and cultural movements)

AS WE SEE IT (A Publication by the Anarchist Communist Federation)

BAD GIRLS & DIRTY PICTURES – The Challenge to Reclaim Feminism (Allison Assister & Avedon Carol)

BAD: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JAMES CARR (the story of a Black Panther, a bank-robber and a revolutionary with vision)

BASIC BAKUNIN (neat little pamphlet about one of the most famous anarchist activists)

BEYOND SEXUALITY – Feminism, Men’s Liberation, Gender & Power, Sexuality, Class, Economics

BIRD OF PREY – A Novel about Sexual Abuse (Steve Tasane & Carly Dreyfuss) (…written for both men and women…)

BLACK BLOC COMMUNIQUE ABOUT SEATTLE (on property destruction and the anarchist black bloc)

BLACK BLOC CRITIQUE – Violence & Democracy Within Demonstrations (reply: Z*Mag’s Michael Albert) (Zoidberg; ABC-benefit)

BOOK YOUR OWN FUCKING LIFE (a do-it-yourself resource guide)

(THE) BOSTON ANARCHIST DRINKING BRIGADE (thought-provoking B.A.D. essays: prisons, pornography, voting, death,…)

BREAKING FREE (TINTIN in a classic story of love, struggle and revolution)

BREAKING THE BARRIERS TO DESIRE – New Approaches to Multiple Relationships (Kevin Lano & Claire Parry)

(THE) CAKE SCOFFER – Cheap ‘n’ Easy Vegan Cooking (vegan dessert recipe-book)

CAPITALISM WON’T FALL BY ITSELF! (how to organise a new global anti-capitalist opposition)


(THE) CATHOLIC CHURCH AND THE SEX PROBLEM – The Stupidity, Futility and Insolence of Its Ethic (Joseph McCabe)

CHILD IN THE CITY (Colin Ward) (interesting study of urban youth)

CHILDREN AND FEMINISM (project by Single Mothers and Friends Society; a practical look on the oppression of children)

CHOMSKY FOR BEGINNERS (David Cogswell) (comic; introduction to the ideas of USA’s most famous dissident)

CHRONICLES OF DISSENT (David Barsamian) (an overview of the U.S.’ leading dissident’s political thought)

CITY DEATH (Stephen Boot) (a Green Anarchist novel; uncompromisingly rejecting technology & civilization)

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE (Henry David Thoreau) (…originally called ‘Resistance to Civil Government’…)

COINTELPRO – The danger we face (about the FBI’s attacks on radicals in America: the Counterintelligence Program)

COLLECTIVE LIBERATION ON MY MIND (Chris Crass) (essays on white supremacy, patriarchy, sexism, capitalism, etc.)

(THE) COMPLETE MANUAL OF PIRATE RADIO (Zeke Teflon) (pamphlet on how to start your own alternative medium)

(THE) COMPLETE SCOFFER – Cheap ‘n’ Easy Vegan Cooking (small and simple vegan recipe-book)

(THE) CONQUEST OF BREAD (Peter Kropotkin) (a fundamental classic of anarchism…)

CONSCENTING ADULTS (pilot edition of the magazine of the Sexual Freedom Coalition)

(THE) CONTINUING APPEAL OF NATIONALISM (Fredy Perlman) (…ideas of nation and race still influence people…)


CONTROL UNIT PRISONS (information on supermax prisons in the US)


(A) CRITIQUE OF SYNDICALIST METHODS (Alfredo M. Bonanno) (a call for the abondoning of syndicalism…)

CULTURE AND ANARCHISM (Harold Barclay) (…studies the anarchic communities, and their cultures, within society…)

(A) DARWINIAN LEFT – Politics, Evolution and Cooperation (Peter Singer’s biological theories of behaviour) (Zoidberg; ABC-benefit)

DAYS OF WAR / NIGHTS OF LOVE – Crimethinc For Beginners

DEEP ECOLOGY & ANARCHISM (a polemic…deep ecology versus social ecology…)

(THE) DIAMOND SIGNATURE (Penny Rimbaud) (most important worker from the CRASS-drummer and -lyricist)

(AS IN) DIR YASSIN (SO EVERYWHERE) (background and history of the Zionist massacre in Dir Yassin)

DO OR DIE #9 – Voices from the Ecological Resistance (reports and radical analysis from the ecological frontlines)


EAT MY DUST – The Story of John Dillinger (the riotous adventures of America’s most notorious Depression gangsters)

ECOFASCISM (Janet Biehl & Peter Staudenmaier) (on how fascist ideologists attempt to use ecology)

ECONOMY (Henry David Thoreau) (a classic critique on the money-system)

ECSTATIC INCISIONS – The Collages of Freddie Baer (an anthology of her previously published graphic art)

EDUCATING WHO ABOUT WHAT? – The Circled ‘A’ and It’s Parasites (a brutal criticism of anarchist’s relevance…)

(THE) EDUCATION OF DESIRE – The Anarchist Graphics of Clifford Harper

EDUCATING WHO ABOUT WHAT? – The Circled ‘A‘ and It’s Parasites (a brutal criticism of anarchist’s relevance…)

EGO AND ITS OWN – The Case of the Individual against Authority (Max Stirner)

END TIME – Notes on the Apocalypse (G.A. Matiasz) (a thriller combined with meditation on nearby anarchism…)

ENEMIES OF THE STATE (essays on past and current political struggles within the USA)

(THE) ENEMY IS MIDDLECLASS (Andy Andersson) (2 essays that put the class back into struggle; “There is no ruling class.”)

EROTICA FOR BEGINNERS (Errol Selkirk) (a celebration of human passion, art and literature from a historical perspective)

EVASION (Nigel Davis) (“We dumpstered, squatted and shoplifted our lives back…” – CrimethInc)


FIES EN LUCHA – (communiqués, brieven en korte geschiedenis van de strijd in de Spaanse gevangenissen)

(THE) FALL OF AMERICA (RobNoxious) (…about kids in the underground struggling to create their own world…)

FANZINE CULTURE (Paul Rutherford) (a trial to provide insight into why people do fanzines)

FASCISM (…tracing the evolution of contemporary fascism…)

FASCISM ANTIFASCISM (Jean Barrot) (a critique of bourgeois ‘popular-front’ anti-fascism)

FIELDS, FACTORIES AND WORKSHOPS TOMORROW (Peter Kropotkin) (his vision of a new world, a better life)

FIGHTING THE REVOLUTION #1 (Freedom Pamphlets) (lives and ideas of Nestor Makhno, Buenav. Durruti & Emilio Zapata)

FIGHTING THE REVOLUTION #2 (Freedom Pamphlets) (lives and ideas of P. Kropotkin & Louise Michel; the Paris Commune)

FIGHTING TO WIN (Boris Dumont) (the history of a Belgian anarchist)

FLASHPOINT #1: Enough Religion to Make Us Hate – Not enough to Make us Love (extensive compilation of articles)

FLASHPOINT #2: Gender Identity – Us and Them (extensive compilation of pieces on issues such as sexuality, gender,…)

FLOOZY (Jane ‘Shag Stamp’ Graham) (tales of sunday stripping, life-modeling and hitch-hiking…)

(THE) FLOWER OF THE WORD WILL NOT DIE – Writings from the Zapatistas

FOOD NOT BOMBS (Keith McHenry & C.T.Butler) (resource-guide and vegan cookbook; loads of information)

(THE) FREE (M. Gilliland) (…a stunning tale of love and longing, anger and rebellion…)

FROM RIOT TO INSURRECTION – Analysis for an Anarchist Perspective against Post-Industrial Capitalism (Alfredo Bonanno)



GEVANGENISTEKSTEN VAN ALI KHALID ABDULLAH (anarchist en oprichter van de Political Prisoners of War Coalition)

GLOBALE MYTHES (waarom onder het huidige ekonomische winstsysteem de wereldmarkt niet kan worden ééngemaakt)

GLOBALISATION (what you need to know about the IMF, WTO and the world bank; plus practical guides for action)

GOBBING, POGOING AND GRATUITOUS BAD LANGUAGE! – An Anthology of Punk Short Stories (Marc Perry, Nick Blinko, …)

GOVERNMENT IS VIOLENCE – Essays on Anarchism and Pacifism (Tolstoy)

GRAPHIC GUIDE TO ANARCHY (Clifford Harper) (illustrated guide to anarchy)

GREEN ANARCHISM – It’s Origins and Influences

GUERILLA WARFARE – A Method (Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara)

GYNOMITE – Fearless Feminist Porn (a collection of female writers porn with a difference; excites genitals and gray matter)

HEDENDAAGS ANARCHISME – Een Inleiding voor Jongeren

(THE) HERETICS GUIDE TO THE BIBLE (quotes from the bible on women, sex, slavery, end of the world, …)

HIGH-TECH ROBBER BARONS – Heisting the Information Age (from ‘Globalization & Postmodern Politics’) (Zoidberg; ABC-benefit)

HOMES NOT JAILS (the secret succes of a squatting movement to house the homeless in San Francisco) (Zoidberg; ABC-benefit)

HOW TO ROCK AND ROLL – A City Riders Repair Manual (Sam Tracy) (on how to fix your bike …and your attitude)

HOW TO TURN VEGAN (a simple guide on how to give up animal products)

I AM NOT MY JOB – A Collection of Work Stories (Dodgy Punk Publications)

IDEAL HOME – Survival Edition (on how to survive when you reject the State or the State rejects you)

I’M JOHNNY AND I DON’T GIVE A FUCK (Andy Submission Hold’s stories on touring, etc.)

(THE) INDIVIDUAL, SOCIETY AND THE STATE (Emma Goldman) (“The State… is… conservative, static, intolerant of change…”)

INFORMATION LIBERATION (Brian Martin) (analyses the corruptions of power in the information society)

(THE) INSURRECTIONAL PROJECT (Alfredo Bonanno) (about the need to attack the inequality of knowledge with wisdom)

IN THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY – Mark Barnsley’s Struggle for Justice (the story of an anarchist political prisoner)

(THE) IRRATIONAL IN POLITICS – Sexual Repression & Authoritarian Conditioning (Maurice Brinton)

JELLO BIAFRA (interview with Alternative Tentacle Records head honcho) (Zoidberg; ABC-benefit)

JOHAN WAS PUNK AND HE KNOWS IT – Het Niet Zo Alledaagse Leven van Johan van de Koekrand (punk in de jaren 80)


JUDEO-CHRISTIAN DEGRADATION OF WOMAN (Joseph McCabe) (about the misogynistic attitude of the christian church)

KUWASI BALAGOON – A Soldier’s Story (writings by a revolutionary New Afrikan anarchist of the B.L.A.)

LAND AND LIBERTY! (ideas and views on the politics of land; from allotments to guerrilla farming)

LOOKS CAN KILL (uncovers the relation between pornographers and major publishers)

LOVE & MEN (how to get beyond the socially restrictive ideas of how we behave…?)

LOVE, SEX & POWER IN LATER LIFE – A Libertarian Perspective

MAIGALOMANIE – Multilateraal Akkord over Investeringen: Burgers & Milieu op het Altaar van de Vrije Markt

MAJOR LABELS – Some of your Friends are already this Fucked (reprints from M.R.R. on the music industry)

MAKING PUNK A THREAT AGAIN! – The Best Cuts 1989-1993 (Profane Existence Collective) (the P.E. truth…)

MALETESTA’S ANARCHY (introduction by the Italian activist)

MANIFESTO OF LIBERTARIAN COMMUNISM (George Fontenis) (…arguments for effective libertarian organisation…)


MARRIAGE AND LOVE (Emma Goldman) (“marriage and love… -don’t- …cover the same human needs”)

MARXISM, FREEDOM & THE STATE (…from the works of Bakunin…on his controversy with Marx…)

MARXISM VERSUS REALITY (Brian Moseley) (a critique on Marx)

McLIBEL, BURGER CULTURE ON TRIAL (John Vidal) (…against McDonald’s…for free speech and safe food…)

(THE) MEANING OF ATHEISM (E.Haldeman-Julius) (“…religion is not true – and is not even sane…”)

MENACE – Minorities Versus Majorities & Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty (Emma Goldman)

MEN, SEXISM & THE CLASS STRUGGLE (…on the way men are screwed-up by society to oppress women…)

MEN SPEAKING OUT ON MEN AND SEXISM  – number one & number two

MESSAGE STICKS IN CYBERSPACE – An Anarchist Guide to Computer Communication

MOVING FORWARD – Program for a Participatory Economy (Michael Albert) (…giving anti-capitalism a positive content…)

MUTUAL AID – A factor of Evolution (Peter Kropotkin) (a challenge to Darwinism; co-operation not competition)

MY ENEMY’S ENEMY – Essays on Globalization, Fascism and the Struggle against Capitalism (Anti-Fascist Forum)

MY JOURNEY WITH ARISTOTLE TO THE ANARCHIST UTOPIA (Graham Purchase) (…bringing anarchism to life…)

N.A.T.O. AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER (on the West’s destruction of Yugoslavia, the new militarism…) (Zoidberg; ABC-benefit)


NOT FOR RENT – Conversations with Creative Activists in the U.K.

NOTTA LOTTA LOVE STORIES – my Evil Twin Sister #4 (personal writings on relationship-experiences, by Amber Gayle)

OBSOLETE COMUNISM – The Left-Wing Alternative (Cohn-Bendit) (more text from ‘68; “Their nightmares are our dreams.”)

ON CONFLICT & CONSENSUS – A Handbook on Formal Consensus decision-making (C.T. Lawrence Butler; Food Not Bombs)

ON FIRE – The Battle of Genoa and the Anti-Capitalist Movement (the ideas and actions of the Genoa anti-G8 militants)

ON ORDER (Peter Kroptkin) (“90% of mankind is working to provide luxury, pleasure and satisfaction for a bunch of idlers”)

ORGANIC GARDENING – A DIY GUIDE (a punk guide to vegan self grow culture)

OTAKU #5 (the canadian ‘Cometbus’; stories of a real punx’ life)

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY / ISRAELI RULE (introduction to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) (Zoidberg; ABC-benefit)

PERMACULTURE – A Beginner’s Guide (Graham Burnett) (a guide to sustainability and working with nature)

(THE) PHILOSOPHY OF PUNK – More Than noise! (Craig O’Hara) (from an American’s point of view…)


(THE) PLACE OF THE INDIVIDUAL IN SOCIETY (Emma Goldman) (…the State’s dogmas are numbing the individual…)

PLAN COLUMBIA (Noam Chomsky analyses the US economic and military interests) (Zoidberg; ABC-benefit)

POOR LENIN (Bob Darke) (“…the term communist means more than membership of a Communist Party…”)

POSTCARDS FROM THE HAUNTED BAZAAR – A Collection of Essays on Contemporary 3rd World Issues

POSTHUMAN (assessing the damages of an ever-present electronic media-consumer environment) (Zoidberg; ABC-benefit)

(THE) POVERTY OF FEMINISM (Dominique Karamazov) (a call to radical feminists)

(THE) PRIMAL SCREAMER (Nick Blinko) (a novel about mental distress and punk-rock by Rudimentary Peni’s singer)

PRISON ABOLITION (Yves Bourque) (a prisoner’s rage against injustice)


PUNCHLINE (USA:engl.)(terror-art) #7.5 “COP” (John Yates visions on “any country’s ‘in-house-army'”)

PUNCHLINE (USA:engl.)(terror-art) #8 “Let Us Pray”

PUNCHLINE (USA:engl.)(terror-art) #9 “Time to Remove the Dust Sheets”

PUNCHLINE (USA:engl.)(terror-art) #10 “Censorship of Fools”

PUNCHLINE (USA:engl.)(terror-art) #11 “Smother Earth”

PUNCHLINE (USA:engl.)(terror-art) #12 “Age of Discover-up”

RADIO SERMONETTES (broadcasted essays; developing mail-art, zine-selfpublishing and networking culture…)

RAGE AND REASON (Michael Tobias) (shocking, breath-stopping political thriller about violent retribution in defence of the earth)

(THE) RAVEN (anarchist quarterly) #24: essays on science

(THE) RAVEN (anarchist quarterly) #25: essays on religion

(THE) RAVEN (anarchist quarterly) #26: essays on science

(THE) REPRODUCTION OF DAILY LIFE (Fredy Perlman) (“A very good introduction to Marx’s ‘Kapital’…’)

(THE) REVOLUTIONARY PLEASURE OF THINKING FOR YOURSELF (little manual for creation of personal critical thought)

(THE) REVOLUTION OF EVERYDAY LIFE (Raoul Vaneigem) (situationist classic exposing the capitalist destructive routines)

RESISTANCE IS POSSIBLE (interview with 2 members of the German Women’s Armed Struggle Group ‘Rote Zora’)

RESTRUCTURING AND RESISTANCE – Diverse Voices of Struggle in Western Europe (…of people in grassroots struggles)

(THE) REVOLUTIONARY PLEASURE OF THINKING FOR YOURSELF (little manual for creation of personal critical thought)

(THE) REVOLUTION OF EVERYDAY LIFE (Raoul Vaneigem) (situationist classic exposing the capitalist destructive routines)

(A) RIOT OF EMOTIONS (from Dark Diamonds) #1-5: art / poetry / thoughts / reviews / …


SCUM MANIFESTO (Valerie Solinas) (polemic on the overthrow of society and destruction of the male sex)

SEARCHLIGHT, HEPPLE & THE LEFT – A Lie too Far (on the infiltration of the anti-fa network)

SEATON POINT (Rob Colson, Ted Curtis, Emma McElwee,…) (“an inner-city tale of magic, mayhem and gratuitous sex”)

SEIZING THE AIRWAVES – A Free Radio Handbook (Ron Sakolsky & Stephen Dunifer) (voices of the Free radio Movement)

(THE) SEIZURE OF STATE POWER (Michael Velli) (“a DIY manual for party builders aiming at state power”…)


SEPTEMBER COMMANDO – Gestures of Futility and Frustration (another great compilation of John Yates’ direct action-art)

SEX & MEN (honest and open view of sex by M.A.S.S.)

SEXYOUALITY – challenging the culture of monogamy (pamphlet with various columns on monogamy and sex)

SHIBBOLETH – My Revolting Life (Penny Rimbaud) (the autobiography of the man behind the ‘Crass’-legend)

(THE) SITUATIONIST INTERNATIONAL – It’s Art, It’s Theory, It’s Practice

SMASHING THE IMAGE FACTORY – A complete Manual of Billboard Subversion and Destruction

SMOKE AND WHISPERS – A Manual for Class Warfare

SMUT (‘Anarchist Pseudo Art’, “…art for the abolotion of art…the weapon of a well-meaning idealist…”; Yates-ish…) #2

SOCIAL ANARCHISM OR LIFESTYLE ANARCHISM – An Unbridgeable Chasm (Murray Bookchin)(… @ – an utopia?…)

SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE (Guy Debord) (situationist analysis of capitalist society in 221 steps)

SOY NOT OI (the original Hippycore vegan cookbook; recipes from all over the world)

SPY TV – Just Who is the Digital TV Revolution Overthrowing? (David Burke) (the truth about interactive tv)

SQUARING UP THE SQUARE MILE (research on London’s financial centre by J18, Corporate Watch & Reclaim the Streets)

SQUATTERS HANDBOOK (a handbook with comprehensive information on how to go about squatting)

STEALWORKS – The Graphic Details of John Yates

STALIN DIDN’T FALL FROM THE MOON (a look at how and why the Bolsheviks turned their party into a dictatorship)

(THE) STATE – It’s Historic Role (Peter Kropotkin)

STEALWORKS – The Graphic Details of John Yates


SYNDICALISM (Tom Brown) (a series of articles on the aims and methods of the Syndicalist Revolution)

TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE – A Wimmins Guide to Alternative Healthcare

TALES FROM THE CLIT – A Female Experience of Pornography (true stories of the world’s most pro-sex feminists)

TELEVISIONARIES – The Red Army Faction Story 1963-1993 (Tom Vague)

TERRORIZING THE NEIGHBOURHOOD – American Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era (Noam Chomsky)

TEST CARD F – Television, Mythinformation and Social Control

THERE’S A RIOT GOIN’ ON? – Protests, Newspapers and Myth-Information (on journalists’ coverage of demonstrations)

THIS IS CLASS WAR: An Introduction to the Class War Federation

TIME IS THE ENEMY * PLEASURE IS THE AIM! – The best of Anti Clock-wise (excerpts from this nihilist zine)

TO REMEMBER SPAIN – The Anarchist and Syndicalist Revolution of 1936 (Murray Bookchin)


TOWARDS A FRESH REVOLUTION – The Friends of Durruti (Anarchist Communist Federation) (articles + aims & principles)

TRANSIENT WAYS (Jessica Erica Hahn) (stories of a life of squatting and train-hopping, of living free…)

TV TIMES – A Seven Day Guide to killing your TV (articles on the power of the cathode-ray tube…)

(THE) UNABOMBER’S MANIFESTO – Industrial Society and It’s Future (radical critique of techno-industrial civilisation)

ULSTER’S WHITE NEGROES – From Civil Rights to Insurrection (Fionnbara O’Dochartaigh)

UNTIL ALL ARE FREE – The Trial Statement of Ray Luc Levasseur (imprisoned class struggle activist)

VAGUE : THE GREAT BRITISH MISTAKE (the history of punk and anarchy in the UK)

VIOLENCE & ANARCHISM – A Polemic (on the violence/non-violence issue among anarchists)

VRIJHEID – Informatie in Verband met de Invrijheidsstelling van CCC-militanten

WELL FED – NOT AN ANIMAL DEAD (Graham Burnett) (hippy/punk vegan recipes + how to grow your own veggies)

WHAT IS ANARCHISM – An Introduction




WHY THE REVOLUTIONARIES HAVE FAILED (more questions about the class struggle)

WHY WORK? – Arguments for the Leisure Society (…work or employment?, useful work or useless toil?…)

WILDCAT – Anarchist Comics (Donald Rooum)

WILDCAT: ABC Of Bosses (“…an illustrated talk…”)

WILDCAT: Health Service (“Anarchists for Free Access to Health Care”)

WILDCAT: Strikes Again (more anarchist cartoons)

WITHOUT A TRACE (a forensic manual; a commonsense guide to looking after yourself…)

WORDS AND WISDOM OF MALCOLM X (biography, quotes and letters)

WORKER’S AUTONOMY (analysis and organisation of the real workers’ movement)

WRITE THE WAY UP (Dick Lucas) (a novel by ex-Subhumans, -Culture Shock and Citizen Fish vocalist)

YOU CAN’T BLOW UP A SOCIAL RELATIONSHIP – The Anarchist Case against Terrorism

ZAPATISTA (information and events in Chiapas, Mexico)

ZUID-AFRIKA – Van Slavernij tot Afschaffing van Apatheid (Peter Taaffe) (…over de strijd van Zuidafrikaanse arbeiders…)


AFTER THE REVOLUTION (USA:engl.) #1 : a journal with essays on politics and activity in the HC-community

ALIEN (USA:eng.) #10: columns on being mentally ill and how to deal with it / the white Christian privilige / letters / poetry / …

ALIEN (USA:engl.) #11: columns on psychiatric illnesses and abuse / feminist boys / stigmatization / self-destruction/ …

AMERIKKKA EATS HER YOUNG (Swe:engl.) #1: the porn-issue (Women of Kali / Nina Hartley / Feminists Against Censorship / …)

BABYLON WILL FALL (Ned:engl.) #2: S26 in Prague / the true face of our democracy / consumption / money / Reclaim the City / …

CONTRASCIENCE (USA:engl.) #5: Craig O’Hara / Studio of the Stars / Historical fiction / Thanksgiving sucks / Hiroshima / …

COUCH POTATOE (Ned:engl.) #3: Disturbing Foresights / Rat Patrol / …+ free ep

COUNTERCLOCKWISE (Ger:engl.) #2: Man Lifting Banner/ Strong Event / …

CULTURE COLLISION (Pol:engl.) #1: Political Asylum / Exhaustless Revolt / …

CUTLASS (USA:engl.) #1: cops / tiny town youth culture / thoughts on feminism / ‘sexual abnormalities’ / …

CUTLASS (USA:engl.) #2: little girls / modern medicine / bisexuality / ‘me and that god fellow’ comic /book-reviews / …

CUTLASS (USA:engl.) #3: personal bits on art / Christianity / punk / ‘city of sin’ / … with lots of comics

CUTLASS (USA:engl.) #4: Gurl vs. woman / war on Iraq / dealing with the cops / prisoners literature project /love & marriage /…

CUTLASS (USA:engl.) #5: Epicenter Zone /anarachists’ campaign for mayor / WTO-protests in S.F. (and Seatlle) / …

CUTLASS (USA:engl.) #5.5: non-smoking advice for anti-authority types

CUTLASS (USA:engl.) #6: interview with Fanorama’s Richard Bump/ jury duty /police brutality / drawings / collages / …

DEFINITE CHOICE (Ned:engl.) #7: Dissent / M.D.C. / Kingface / Dinosaur Jr / …

DISMAL (USA:engl.) #11: personal rants on ‘thanksgiving’ /authority / theory vs. ideology / capitalism & modern education / …

DUHHH (UK:engl.) #9: Cavity / Nootgrush / stories of romance / reviews / concerts / …

DUHHH (UK:engl.) #10 / SMITTEN #6 (UK:engl.): ‘Embarrassment & Humiliation’ issue; stories / Monsanto / Burning Airlines / …

EEJIT (UK:engl.) #3: Laura Synthesis / Jen Angel / Kneejerk / feminism grrl-style / role play / falling in love / creativity/ …

ESSENCE (Can:engl.) #12: columns on vegan sugar / virginity / loneliness / …, little bits, stories, poems, …

ESSENCE (Can:engl.) #13: little bits on women & computers / veganism vs. feminism / introspection / being different / …

EVILSPEAK (Ger:engl.) #3: Boycot / Mehr Wut / Despise You / Beyond Description / biotechnology / European union / …

FLOUR POWER (Can:engl.) #8: columns (being political / rape / cultural appropriation / …) / letters / interviews / scene-news / …

FUCKTOOTH (USA:engl.) #23: one of the BEST nowadays… politics / relationships / 50 ways to be punk / the MRR-story / …

FUCKTOOTH (USA:engl.) / SPECTACLE (USA:engl.) split: a collaborative effort examining the effects of technology

HIPPYCORE (USA:engl.) #6: Neurosis / Negazione / …

IDEAS IS MATCHES (Ire:engl.) #3: personal account of S26 in Prague / traveling through Europe / gig-collective ‘The Kids’ / …

I DEFY (USA:engl.) #4: Still Life / Franklin / Enkindel / columns (DIY ethics, medical industry, gender-roles, careers, …) / …

I DEFY (USA:engl.) #9: adventures in job-hunting / body-image & hate / political power & violence / the politics of food / …

INTROVERTED OUTLET (Bel:engl.) #1 : talk with Brob Tilt!‘, Bruno ‘Genet’ & Stef ‘Empower’ / various colums

IT’S NOT JUST BOYS FUN (Ger:engl.) #1: Absence / Product X / Purpose / Unison / boycot Nike / women in developing countries / …

IT’S NOT JUST BOYS FUN (Ger:engl.) #2: ABC tribute issue, info on pol. Prisoners / Boycot / quotes / personal bits / women&HC / …

KABOEM (Ned:engl.) #35: cartoons / reviews / …

KNK (Lit:engl.) #1: Lithuanian bands + scenereports

KORESPONDANCES (USA:engl.) vol.6 #1: Zine put together by the Women’s Action Coalition: The Anarchy Issue

M-EXTÄZ ( Fra:fr.) #8: L.W.S. / Scream / Henry Rollins / Accüsed / Prong / …

MINDBREAKER (Bel:engl.) #1: Point Of No Return / WTO Protests / boycotting/ Fortress Europe & Immigration / prisons / May 68 / …

MINDBREAKER (Bel:engl.) #2: PPWC benefit issue; Political Prisoners of War Coalition / internet privacy / …

MIRACLE (Ned:engl.) #2: interviews (Reveal / Sander – Mallorn & ASO) / columns (sex & children / SxE and revolution / …)

MISFIRE (Swe:engl.) #1: voluntary human extinction / individualist anarchism / punkrock-nursing / scene-corruption / …

MOHAWK BEAVER (Den:engl) #8: A zine dedicated to the clits of tomorrow; menstruation, sexist experiences, …

MY EVIL TWIN SISTER (USA:engl.) #2: Amber and Stacy on the road along the westcoast: travelstories à la Cometbus

MY / ME (UK:engl.) #5: racism in South-Africa / facts on energy / anarchism / car-culture / animal-free research / book-reviews / …

NEVER AGAIN (Bul:engl.) #1: Albatross Synthesis / Stef Empower / Meanstream / Unison / Jan Selfworth / tattoos / reviews / …

NEWLAND (Bel:engl.) #1 : zine by people who’re fed up with the commerciality in HC… columns / letters / opinions / discussion / …

NEWLAND (Bel:engl.) #2: business in HC / voting / Pepsi-boycott / Nigeria vs. Shell / anarchism / A.B.C. / …

NO BARCODES NECESSARY (UK:engl.) #3: End In Sight / Dive Into The Extreme / DIY screenprinting / Brian Hull / …

NOOIT MEER (Ned:dutch) #5: Electro Hippies / Profound / Scraps / …

NOOIT MEER (Ned:dutch) #6: Oi Polloi / NoFx / …

NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING (Pol:engl.) #1: NoMeansNo / Terminus / Trottel / Inkwizycja/…

PERSONS UNKNOWN (Lux:engl.) #2: the beauty myth / domestic violence / punk revival / Oi Polloi / Vort’n Vis-tival / …

PROFANE EXISTENCE (USA:engl.) [various issues]

PSSST… (Slo:engl.) #1: Intelligent zine with columns on propaganda / the beauty myth / school-system / socialism / …

PSSST… (Slo.engl.) #2: Emily / Rain Still Falls / Wasserdicht / capitalism & consumption / anti-elitary art / anti-sexism / …

PYROBOLUM (Bel:engl.) #3: Warfear / The Plot / columns / reviews / …

RAISING HELL (UK:engl.) #19: Christ On Parade / Toxic Ephex / Scraps / …

RAS L’BOL (Fra:fr.) #5: Seein’Red / Black Kronstadt / Slap A Ham / Comrades / critiques / infos (Shell, service militaire, …) / …

RAS L’BOL (Fra:fr.) #6: Doom / Sanctus Iuda / Disbeer / No Tolerance for Hardline / dossier alcool / reviews / …

READ IT! (UK:engl.) #6: Nessun Dorma / Zygote / Terminus / … letters / reviews / …

REMINDER (Bel:engl.) #1: Feeding The Fire / Shortsight / Face Value / Burning Fight / …

RIPPING THRASH (UK:engl.) #6: Citizens Arrest / No Fraud / Identity / G-Anx / scene-reports / …

SAN JAM (Fra:engl.) #4: Siren / Undone / Ignite / Day After / Queerfish / miracles / opinions / original questions / …

SANCTUARY (Swi:engl.) #6: Embittered / columns / reviews / …

SANCTUARY (Swi:engl.) #7: reviews / columns (capitalism, ecology, …)

SANCTUARY (Swi:engl.) #8: multinationals / squatting / reviews / …

SANCTUARY (Swi:engl.) #9: animal rights / veganism / reviews / …

SANCTUARY (Swi:engl.) #10: Flagrants d’Eli / dairy industry / reviews / …

SANCTUARY (Swi:engl.) #11: Blackbird / Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys / reviews / …

SANCTUARY (Swi:engl.) #12: D.I.Y. and how to do it…

SCREAMS FROM INSIDE (USA:engl.) #6: capitalism / Industrial Workers of the Worid / crime / prisoner’s letters / reviews / …

SHAG STAMP (UK:engl.) #5: the obscenity issue: women hitching / stripping for money / feminism & pornography / …

SHAG STAMP (UK:engl.) #6: the ‘ass with class’ issue: big tits / erotica / pygmalionism / Des Man Deablo / …

SHAG STAMP (UK:engl.) #8: sexual harassment / houses I lived in once / the new face of New York / goodbye to Berlin / saunas / …

SIMBA (USA:engl.) #13: columns by one of the strongest women in the HC-scene + an interview with the HeartAttack-ladies

SORTE ROSE (Den:engl.) #10: Life But How To Live It / President Fetch / …

SPECTACLE (USA:engl.) #4: stories / columns / Wendy-O Matik / violence against nazis / trainhopping / US war against Cuba / …

SPIT TEETH (Swe:engl.) #4: Oi Polloi / DS-13 / Kirous / vegetarianism / revolutionarity / reviews / …

SPIT TEETH (Swe:engl.) #5: Suppression / Scum Brigade / Furnace / DIY Sucks ??? / reviews / …

STRAIGHT OUTTA DK (Fra:engl.) #7: Swing Kids / Los Crudos / Undone / ramblings / Guatemala / ghosts / mexican cooking / …

STRANGE FRUIT (USA:engl.) #1: kill your parents / fagbash / bisexuality / proposition 187 / Kim ‘Sparkmaker’ / pornography / …

SYNTHESIS (UK:engl.) #5: SchNEWS / GAndALF / Dominatrix / Children’s Rights / More Than Music Festival / HumanNature/ …

TWENTY 4 HOURS (Yug:engl.): Mega City 4 / Nessun Dorma / The Blaggers / Deviated Instinct / reviews / …

UNDERGROUND PUNK SUPPORT (Ned:engl.) #1: Fleas and Lice / Bullshit Propaganda / Germs / reviews / …

UNDERGROUND PUNK SUPPORT (Ned:engl.) #4: Boycot / Dekadent / Undone / Mihoen / P.C.P.-tour / opinion on pornography / reviews / …

UNDERGROUND PUNK SUPPORT (Ned:engl.) #5: Sin Dios / Doom / Outcold / Budrot / Varukers / Belgrade scene-report / reviews / …

UNDERGROUND PUNK SUPPORT (Ned:engl.) #6: Dir Yassin / Point Of Few / Ulrike’s Dream / Yawp! / Ratos De Porao / reviews / …

UNMASKED CREEPER (Cro:engl.) #1: S.M.C. / This Side Up / Energy recs / scenereport France / columns / reviews / …

UNMASKED CREEPER (Cro:engl.) #2: Directed Crew / Ecotopia / Dog On a Rope / columns / …

WARPAINT (Swe:engl.): the porn-industry / the porn-debate / Feminists Against Censorship / car-culture / 6 months in S.Africa / …

X-TREEM (Hol:dutch) #18: Act Up / Kikkerspuug / De Kift / reviews / …

YOU & ME (Cro:engl.) #2: Ember / columns / opinions on pornography / Kafka / stories / Brob Tilt! / Rural Women Activists/…

YOU & ME (Cro:engl.) #3: London activist Anna Key / women’s rights in Croatia / pornography / unusual sex-practice / columns / …

YOU & ME (Cro:engl.) #4: Minx Grill / global trafficking of women / history & concept of sexology / myths about homosexuality / …

ZIPS & CHAINS (lta:engl.) #7: Ramones / Samiam / Walter Elf / Blyth Power / No Fraud / …

ZIPS & CHAINS (lta:engl.) #8: Raw Power / Agent 86 / The Blaggers / Spinners / Zugang / …


During the second half of the 90s Tilt! also volunteered for/collaborated with the local anarchist infoshop Tabula Rasa (located in the ‘3 Charels’ squat); other volunteers were: Kristel & Raf (Black Adder) and Ludwig (Zwart & Rood)


Around the turn of the century Tilt! sought collaboration with linkeminded folks to keep distributing interesting zines and political literature…


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