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TILT! was the (fan)zine I started somewhere in the 80s  when I got involved in the (inter)national HardCore punk scene. After my band (‘Repulsives’) got of the ground and we started to play gigs, I met more and more people/bands/activists and doing a ‘zine seemed like a good way to communicate my and other people’s thoughts/ideas to a broader public.

A bit later I used the same name for the mailorder/distribution I did to help people (my friends and soon whole Belgium, Europe, the world) find access to music and reading-material that I found worthwhile…

This is blog is an addition to my blog about Smurfpunx (the concert-collective) and the Vort’n Vis.

In the meantime I’ve also started one with bits from other (fan)zines: Brob Tilt’s zine-world

Brob (Tilt!) [E-mail: Brob_Tilt (at) yahoo (dot) com]


Don’t just read the posts in chronological order.  Check back regularly. Every now and then older posts might be amended with new/additional bits of info… CLICK BELOW

(Mind you: Tilt! #1 and #2 were in Dutch.)


(re-)published here (so far)


Tilt! #1:

cover / ‘Scoundrels’ interview

Tilt! #2:

cover / ‘Concrete Sox’ interview / ‘Dawn Of Liberty’ interview / ‘Ludichrist’ interview / interview with Werner Excelmans (Hageland Hardcore) / Tilt! #2 reviewed / ‘K.G.B.’ interview / ‘Get Stuffed’ interview

Tilt! #3:

cover / interview with Mike Muir (‘Suicidal Tendencies’) / ‘Anguish’ interview / ‘Hate Crew’ interview / ‘Negazione’ interview / ‘Lärm’ interview / Tilt! #3 reviewed

Tilt! #4:

cover / ‘Corrosion Of Conformity’ interview / ‘Mental Disturbance’ band-presentation / ‘Violent Mosquitos’ band-presentation / ‘Heibel’ interview / ‘Desecration’ interview / ‘Chronic Disease’ band-presentation / ‘Leben Und Leben Lassen’ interview / ‘So Much Hate’ interview / Tilt! #4 reviewed

Tilt! #5:

cover / ‘76% Uncertain’ interview / ‘Th’Inbred’ interview / interview with Katya Komisaruk (White Rose Collective) / interview with Nabate recs / Michaël De Witte Stichting / interview ‘Political Asylum’ / artwork / Tilt! #5 reviewed

Tilt! #6:

cover / ‘Sofa Head’ interview / ‘Econochrist’ interview / ‘Born Against’ interview / ‘Cry For Change’ band-presentation / ‘Private Jesus Detector’ band-presentation / ‘Xinix’ band-presentation / ‘Zero Positives’ band-presentation / ‘Exhaustless Revolt’ band-presentation / ‘F.F.F.’ interview / ‘Pullermann’ interview / ‘Decadence Within’ interview / Tilt! #6 reviewed

Tilt! #7:

cover / ‘One By One’ interview / ‘Sons Of Ishmael’ interview / Tilt! #7 reviewed / ‘Hopeman Path’ band-presentation / ‘Blindfold’ interview / Walk Across America / HC-activists over 30 / interview with X-Mist recs / Belgian Vegan Society / ‘Systemphobia’ band-presentation / ‘Turbo Reanimacija’ interview / ‘Shortsight’ band-presentation

Tilt! #8:

cover / ‘Noise Reduction’ band-presentation / ‘Acme’ interview / ‘Fabric’ interview / ‘Undone’ interview / ‘Shortsight’ interview / Tilt! #8 reviewed / Women in HardCore Punk / ‘Congress’ band-presentation / ‘Voorhees’ interview / ‘Carcer Molochi’ band-presentation / ‘Honey Honey’ band-presentation / ‘Graue Zellen’ interview / ‘Unhinged’ band-presentation / ‘Deconsume’ band-presentation / ‘Outrage’ band-presentation

Tilt! #9:

cover / ‘Mainstrike’ interview / interview with Crucial Response recs / ‘Los Crudos’ interview / ‘D.D.I.’ interview / ‘Juggling Jugulars’ interview / ‘Alians’ interview / ‘Hiatus’ interview / Tilt! #9 reviewed / AIDS/queer-activist & ex-sex-worker Patriek / ‘Time Out’ band-presentation / ‘Katastrophobia’ band-presentation / ‘Holefiller’ band-presentation

Tilt! #10:

… was never published… Some things were appeared elsewhere or just here:

‘Dominatrix’ interview / Hogepont squat report / ‘Insane Youth’ interview / ‘Boycot’ vs Epitaph Europe / ‘Dissent’ interview / ‘Honey Honey’ interview / ‘Submission Hold’ interview

… others seem lost forever…or not?

‘Huasipungo’ (USA), ‘Iconoclast’ (USA) ?, U.F.D.’ (Ger) ? ‘Spitboy’ (USA) ?, ‘J-Church’ (USA) ?, Kent McClard (Ebullition recs) ?, Malva (Ger) ?, …

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  1. Tilt! was in the 90s, our (‘Honey Honey’) days, the one and only HardCore magazine. Thanks Brob for the follow-up, because I know for a fact that many of us wish to keep the dream alive XXX

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