Get Stuffed (interview Tilt! #2)

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Interview with a band from my hometown area * 1986

(Their bassist plays for ‘Dirty Scums’ nowadays)

Get Stuffed (a)Get Stuffed (b)Get Stuffed (c)


K.G.B. (interview Tilt! #2)

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KGB (1)KGB (2)KGB (3)KGB (4)KGB (5)

Concrete Sox (interview Tilt! #2)

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Interview with John March (at that time drummer) of ‘Concrete Sox’ * 1986

[the first 2 issues of my zine were in Dutch; for a translation: read John’s original answers below]

Dawn Of Liberty (interview Tilt! #2)

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Interview with ‘Dawn Of Liberty’ (‘D.O.L.’) singer Stefan Joosten * 1986

(translation below)

When I heard the 24 Love Songs II tape by Mokka & Scalle of the Smurfpunks the first time, I was immediately surprised by the first 3 songs. Those appeared to be by an unknown (to me) band ‘A-strant’. For a few months I wondered who the people behind that music were. Untill I met their singer in Scherpenheuvel. In the meantime the band’s name was changed in ‘Dawn Of Liberty’. And yes, he was willing to answer some questions. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to do it with the other group-members: “It’s possible but with a little luck you’ll have the answers by next year then …” Here are the answers by Stefan Joosten.

Is the name-change (from ‘A-Strant’ to ‘D.O.L.’) perhaps accompanied by a change in line-up? What is the reason otherwise? What is the line-up? Has the repertoire changed?

It hasn’t got anything to do with the line-up. We did get a second guitar-player in our ranks around that time. The reason is simply because we didn’t like ‘A-strant’ anymore. It doesn’t say much more than ‘brutal’ and then in the context of little cheeky rascal. Not a lot of significance. The line-up: Stefan – vocals / 2 (va) [‘Tweeva’] – bass [Luc Deckers] / Frits [Danny Brebels] – guitar / Danny [Vandevelde] – guitar / Stijn [Persoons] – drums. The repertoire hasn’t changed. We still play solid ‘presentable’ HC (editor’s note: From what we could here in Aalst on – 86-12-19 with a considerable dose of ‘metal’.). However, we are ready for some new songs and that doesn’t seem to work out well (editor’s note: That was Oct. ’86.).

‘Dawn Of Liberty’! Why did you choose that name? Explain!

We wanted a different name as soon as possible. A member of the band came up with it and we all felt it was a good name. It has a meaning and sounds good. We are not a band that wants to promote an ideology, so we don’t have a common message. So ‘D.O.L.’ doesn’t mean anarchism, socialism, … It indicates more what we’re seeing, experiencing, … It has little to do with freedom.

What do you do outside of the band? In terms of work/studies, and in the scene? Ages?

Two members work, the others study. We are 18 to 19 years. In Neerpelt/Overpelt there are some people who engage in doing ‘zines, tapes, stickers, a bit of distribution. Soon there will be a new ‘zine out here: The Last Judgement.

What music do you listen to yourself, in other words: what are your influences? How do you describe your own music?

The favorite music of Stijn and Stefan is H.C. and thrash. Danny is a big fan of speed-metal. 2(va) likes psychedelic music and Frits is more into dark and experimental music. We describe our music as solid hardcore.

What are the lyrics about?

They’re socio-critical lyrics and contain a protest. Function is about the modern slavish mentality of the 20th century (luxury, money, possessions, …). Anti-sect talks about the danger of sects. Money is about the hypocrisy of capitalism and communism on the other hand. Just illustrating.

On the 24 Love Songs II tape there are 3 songs by you, including one with a Dutch title. Is this one a song in English (it’s difficult to understand) or do you sometimes sing in your native language?

It’s a song in English. We don’t sing in Dutch. It simply has to do with the fact that I don’t like to sing in it.

Have you released anything else? What are your future plans?

We haven’t released anything yet. We have appeared on a couple of compilation-tapes. We might do a demo in the near future. First we’re gonna make a sticker.

You come from Limburg. There’s ‘Heibel’ … and besides that? Zines? What do people there think of punk/hardcore?

I don’t know of too many bands here in Limburg. There will probably some punk-bands but they haven’t been mentioned in ‘zines or so. ‘Emotional Blackmail’ is at least one that I know of. They come from Bree, the city of Jaak Gabriëls [politician]. Zines … In Overpelt/Neerpelt we had enough. That’s a bit over with now. Here in the neighbourhood, there’s still De Zelfkrant [can be translated as Self Paper], from Helchteren, 20 km away from here. Apart from that I don’t really know. I do not know how people in Limburg think about punk/HC. In our neighbourhood there are a lot of people interested and outsiders can ‘get into it’. We have done quite a few gigs in youth-pubs already; which yielded mostly positive reactions.

Can you count on support in your neighbourhood? E.g. did you have to search a long time to find a rehearsal-room? Are there people who organise things?

We get enough support. So far we’ve had 6 rehearsal-places. Now we have a ‘steady’ rehearsal-space. There’s little or nothing being organised here. Soon the people of De Zelfkrant will organise a concert. If that Works out, there will probably happening more in the future, I hope.

What do you think of those things that everyone’s on about nowadays: speed-metal, vegetarianism, straight-edge?

Speed-metal is indeed such a current topic. I think the music is OK. Its influence on various HC-bands provides a bit of variety and that’s good. Personally, I keep an eye on the calmer punk-bands. I would regret it if these were to be pushed aside (concerts, compilations, …) I’m not that quick to turn tendencies into standards. Vegetarianism is just very good. Straight-edge exhales positivism and decency. Without this launching of new things things get rusty real soon. I think straight-edge is cool, but everyone has to decide for her/himself whether s/he participates. However, it’s a fact that the punk-scene uses dope and booze eagerly. Straight-edge could indeed exert a good influence.

Do you actually do anything to make ‘no big business’ come true?

When we do a gig; sell zines, tapes or records, we obviously don’t do that to make money. But to actually be involved, you need money to do a tape-label, a magazine, e.g. These are the things in which this is reflected.

As mentioned before, the questions were answered by vocalist Stefan Joosten. You can reach him at the following address: Broesveldstraat 15, 3580 Neerpelt.

The editorial address of the new fanzine mentioned in the interview Het Laatste Oordeel (Now, end of Dec ‘86, not out yet, I believe.) is: Jo Schuurmans, Fabriekstraat, 3580 Neerpelt.

Dawn Of Liberty

Ludichrist (interview Tilt! #2)

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Short interview with Tommy Christ * 1986

(translation below)

Ludichrist 1Ludichrist 2

You people probably all read the review of the ‘Ludichist’ tape in De Nieuwe Koekrand [Dutch fanzine]. After that much praise, I just had to contact these guys. Unfortunately their tape has sold out but don’t worry: they recorded an LP that will soon be released by Combat Core recs.

A little interview…

HISTORY: A long time ago on Long Island there were a guitarist (Mark Durnex) and a drummer (Al Batross) that jammed together and wrote a few songs. They found a singer (Chud) and a bassist (Chuck Valle), and called themselves ‘Intestinal Militia’. Later Tommy Christ started to sing and ‘Ludichrist could start doing gigs. They went into studio (June ‘85), added a second guitarist (Glen) and got back behind the mxing-desk in November ‘85. This all resulted in ‘The Demo’.

TILT!: Who play in ‘Ludichrist’?

Christ: Tommy Christ (vocals), Glen Cummings (lead-guitar), Joe Butcher (guitar), Chuck Valle (bass), Al Batross (drums).

TILT!: What does the name stand for?

Christ: Al thought of the name…

TILT!: Have you played in other bands?

Christ: Yes, we all have played in silly bands before. Glen played for ‘Horror Planet’ at one time and these put out an EP.

TILT!: When did you start?

Christ: We’ve been going since March ‘85.

TILT!: How do yourselves describe your music?

Christ: Loud, fast, aggressive, powerful hardcore rock’n’roll.

TILT!: Tell us a bit about the es New York hardcore-scene?

Christ: It’s a very big scene, where people play different styles and you can have lots of fun.

TILT!: Are you guys in N.Y. in touch with Californian bands?

Christ: Some of them, yes, but Californa is 3000 miles away.

TILT!: What do people in the U.S. know about European hardcore-bands?

Christ: Everyone knows the big bands such as ‘Exploited’ (?), ‘UK Subs’, ‘Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers’, ‘B.G.K.’, etc.

TILT!: What are your plans for the future?

Christ: There’s gonna be a live-tape by CBGBs and our LP will be out shortly.

TILT!: Gigs?

Christ: We’ll be doing a U.S. tour soon and perhaps we’ll play outside of the U.S. in the future.

The band says that they want to express their feelings and energy in their music. “We’re inspired by the things we see. We hate oppression and deceit. Other things, like god and soup, make us laugh. The meaning of life is to have as much fun as possible. If there’s really something wrong, then we have to speak up. If we don’t do it, who will …?”

The lyrics are about catholicism (God Is Everywhere / Blown In The Arms of Christ / Immaculate Deception), multinationals (There’s No Place For Sentiment In Big Business), pollution (Government Kids / Tylenol), oppression (Murder Bloody Murder), society and morals (Young , White And Well Behaved / Only As Directed), and are piece by piece very sarcastic and cynical.

For info, write:

LUDICHRIST – P.O. Box 3407 – Farmingdale – NY 11735 (USA)

Ludichrist (Uniq & Rare #5 '86)

Tilt! #2 reviewed

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…in Waakheer #3 (jan ’87)

T!2 in Rattebeet 2…in Rattebeet #2

Review T!2 in P or A #10…in Peace Or Annihilation #10 (jun ’87)

Werner – Hageland Hardcore (interview Tilt! #2)

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Interview with Werner E. * 1986-87

(translation below)

It’s been about 2 years now that I’m roaming (more or less regularly) the hardcore-scene. During that time I already read quite some fanzines. Most of the time they feature bands and some zines also talk about various other things that are interesting to the people in the scene. Those people that make zines themselves and those that organise concerts or started a record-/ tape-label are rarely given the opportunity to have their say, although they’re definitely a part of the scene. Hence a few questions to Werner Exelmans of Hageland Hardcore.

What kind of things are you upto and what have done so far?

First of all I run HAGELAND RECORDS. This is a small, independent record-label. The intention of it, is to give less known bands the opportunity to put out a record. So far 3 EP’s were released: HH 001 = ‘Colera’ Dé O Fora / HH 002 = ‘Capital Scum’ Clutch The Flag / HH 003 = ‘Disgust’ The Last Blast. This year there will be another 2 records: HH 004: the LP by ‘Heibel’ that is co-released on C.O.R. in the U.K HH 005: that will be an LP by ‘Capital Scum’ with new songs that aren’t available on vinyl yet. I’ve no idea yet what other things I will put out later on, but that I will contunue is certain.

Secondly: I’m organising concerts. I’ve been doing that a few years now and I also intend to go on with that. I’ve organised about 25 concerts by now with small and bigger bands. To name a few: ‘Toxic Reasons’, ‘Raw Power’, ‘Government Issue’, ‘Tension’, ‘D.O.A.’, ‘Scream’, ‘Negazione’, ‘B.G.K.’, ‘Fang’, ‘Kaaos’, ‘Antisect’, ‘Inferno’, ‘Capital Scum’, etc. … Regarding those concerts, I’ld like to say that I try to ask a decent entrance-fee; it’s not my intention to exploit the people that attend them.

I also do the management of ‘Capital Scum’ and lastly I keep busy with selling fanzines, tapes, records and T-shirts, also for a reasonable price.

I also used to do a fanzine (Extreme Noise). I quit that because I didn’t have sufficient time and because Luc Lenaerts, who I used to do it together with, has left the scene in the mean time.

I also have put out a compilation-tape but unfortunately I’m not making extra copies anymore because I now have my record-label. That tape was named This Is Not A Phoney, This Is Real.

How did you start with Extreme Noise and later Hageland Hardcore?

I started with Extreme Noise, that was the name of my fanzine, because I was bored and wanted to have something to do. At the time the concerts I did were also under that name. Later I launched Hageland Records but that has got nothing to do with Extreme Noise. I don’t know myself how I started with it, but it had been a dream of mine for a long time. I started to do the concerts under that name too, to get more publicity and because I’d stopped doing Extreme Noise anyway.

How do you make contacts?

Very simple: by writing people. Somtimes I also join a band who tours abroad and then I get to know new bands and people. For the rest I don’t do anything else to make contacts. When you’re doing things for a while, it all comes naturally.

What records do you distribute and how do you get them?

I only sell records of punk- or hardcore-bands. Some of the records I sell, I’ve traded with other bands but there aren’t many of these. Most of the time I buy them directly from the bands or the labels. That is, off course, rather expenisve, especially when those people want to be payed upfront. Then you only get your money back when all records are sold. There’s of course always the risk that you can’t sell the records but that has never happened to me yet. What did happen, was that the customs confiscated records because I don’t have the right to sell them, and once they also dropped in and also seized records. I lost thousands of Francs then and was only able to pay everyone after a year. In the future I will have more records for sale. If anyone is interested, they can send for my distribution-list. Mind you: I only send stuff by mail in Belgium and The Netherlands, unless it’s records from my own label.

Do you get help from anyone or do you do everything yourself?

During concerts my friends help me. E.g. for the bar, entrance, record-sale, etc. Also with setting up and disassembling the P.A. For all the rest I’m on my own.

What are your plans for the future?

To continue to do as I’m doing now and perhaps soon or later start a fanzine again. A dream of mine is also to have a little venue to do concerts there. I’m sick and tired of having to find new venues to organise concerts all the time. Maybe one day I’ll do a benefit compilation-LP for that.

What do you think of concerts nowadays?

I like it a lot that more and more people start coming to concerts. I’m also glad that things are going well between the hardcore-audience and metal-lovers. But I ask myself if many people still know what they’re doing. I would also like to say something about stage-diving. I used to like it that people were stage-diving at concerts. Now I gradually started to hate it. According to me stage-diving is becoming a fad and if you don’t join in, you’re not a part of it. You sometimes also see so many people on stage that you don’t even get to see the band anymore. There are also people that continue their little game after the band has stopped playing. That prooves once again that they’re only interested in stage-diving in stead of the band. The people that are stage-diving should also be more careful where they’re doing it. Sometimes they jump from the monitors or the speakers but don’t think who’s responsible for possible damage to the equipment. Lately I’ve had to practically always pay for the damage that was inflicted because stage-diving.

Would it be possible in the future to organise your concerts more in the centre of the country or possibly to a second gig in an other place than Scherpenheuvel/Diest?

I organise the concerts in our area because that’s easiest for me. For you people that’s of course far away but if I would organise a concert in your area, then that would be far away for me, d’you understand?

Anything else you want to say?

I would like stay that if there are people who didn’t get an answer to their letter yet, they should be patient a little while longer. I do answer all mail!

cover Tilt! #2

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cover Tilt 2

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